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     Born in San Jose, CA, Angela “Amoní” Clark became a Sacramento native at the age of three. During her childhood, her beautiful voice found its outlet for cultivation and growth in her utmost sacred and secret place, her bedroom closet. While other little girls were playing with toys and make-believe friends, Amoní was exhibiting her extraordinary gift and love for music to family and friends. Whether it was singing in her closet, singing to adoring family and friends or sitting with her ears glued to her father’s radio listening to her early influences such as Sade, Teena Marie, Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, Amoní constantly had music flowing in and out of her.

      In the summer of 2007, Amoní was offered an opportunity to be a part of a ground-breaking R&B group based in Oakland, CA.  After a year of hard work, determination and dedication, their group was offered an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to relocate to Atlanta, GA for a possible recording contract with a major record label.  Amoní, along with two other group members, packed up their things and left their lives in California behind.  They were well on their way to notoriety, success and fame.  They met and collaborated with industry well-known and respected heavy-weights such as Travis Cherry (J. Holiday, J-Lo, Rick Ross) and No I.D. (Jay-Z, Kanye West, Usher, Drake).  However, shortly after they had arrived in Atlanta different ideas about the group’s direction began to emerge.  Their once cohesive gel that held them closely together began to unravel and soon enough they fell apart, disbanded and went their separate ways.

     Shortly after leaving Sacramento for Atlanta, Amoní found herself back in California. She let go of her passion for music and finished her Bachelor’s degree. In the spring of 2010, three years after the pain, disappointment and dream unfulfilled in Atlanta, Amoní was introduced to Buddy Bangs and Big Mike of Rhythm Section Entertainment. In November 2011, Amoní released her first self-entitled debut project with Rhythm Section Entertainment which showcased her versatility as an artist.

     In December 2012, Amoní relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her dream further.  She is currently working on her second project with the hopes of gaining recognition and attention from industry professionals.